Strategy, Risk and Compliance

Our expertise includes security program development, regulatory & standards compliance, and security education & training.

Cyclotron can assist in evaluating your current security posture which includes your information security, data security, network security, penetration testing, security awareness training to prevent social engineering attacks, vendor risk management, vulnerability management, data breach prevention and other security controls and compliances.

Cyclotron has a varied experience across multiple industries like technology, finance, healthcare & lifesciences, public Sector and retail. Xombined with an in-depth domain knowledge and a strong team of leading experts, we understand, create and deploy tailor-made solutions that help our clients reduce their risk exposure; and help improve governance while proactively managing compliance capabilities.

Our area of expertise lies in providing organizations a clear picture of their current security posture and capabilities and giving them an overall view to safeguard their assets. We ensure an alignment between business requirements and information security policy design, strategy-driven risk management, and compliance management through streamlined processes.

We build unified control frameworks, track legal and contractual requirements for assured business compliance, and faster communication of controls, key policies, enterprise risk management, regulatory, and compliance management.

Compliance Management Services

Setup, enhance and manage an effective regulatory compliance management ecosystem to manage multiple regulatory requirements (industry specific and geography specific) within an organization

Governance and Risk Management Services

Build and enhance IT governance, Enterprise & IT risk management processes with strategies & roadmaps, effective policy management, operations and regulatory risk management processes

Audit and Assessment Services

Build, perform and manage audits and assessments related to IT Governance, Regulatory/Policy Compliance, Security/Information Security, Third Party Control & Governance and provide external and internal audit support

Data Privacy Services

Strengthen and build reliable services in a data sensitive environment with the help of Inventory and Data flow mapping, privacy program implementation, impact assessments, regulation analysis and incident management