Identity and Access Management

Leverage Identity and Access Management solutions to protect access to applications and resources across your corporate data centers, and enable additional levels of validation, such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies for accessing the cloud.

Identity management solutions also enable businesses to tie users’ identities to specific privileges within different systems and applications. Such capabilities limit the access privileges that users have, thus minimizing risk.

Adopting the right Identity & Access management (IAM) solution is essential for every enterprise to secure and protect their hybrid cloud workplace. A user-friendly, intelligent, and modern access solution helps in delivering a frictionless experience for your users.

Streamline your operations by granting secured access to users, customers, and external vendors through your cloud and on-prem applications without compromising on the security standards and compliances

We can setup and configure multiple level of validation, conditional access policies, single sign-on feature from any device, advanced security with multi-factor authentication, user lifecycle management, private accounts, and much more by implementing our solutions.

By providing secured access, you can ensure enhanced productivity and collaboration while enabling better business value. Identity and access control can reduce internal and external breaches helping you align with stringent regulatory policies to maintain compliance.


Drive Automation

Leverage bots to automate and handle access requests, manage user identities, and follow compliances.

Account Governance

Based on pre-defined policies, manage enterprise-wide identities, automate and simplify privileged governance with defined roles and policies, access-approval workflows and perform periodic checks with respect to access rights.

Enhance Control

Validate internal & external user activities, enforce policies across collaboration channels, manage secure user transactions, protect applications and streamline identity management.


Download audit reports to meet ongoing compliance requirements across the organization. Get detailed governance reports of users with access permissions at different levels.

Let Cyclotron help you with implementing:

Azure Active Directory

Lets you safeguard credentials by enforcing strict authentication and conditional access policies. Efficiently manage your identities and ensure that the right people have the right access to the right resources.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Streamline your cloud access security, manage, control, and audit apps and resources using Microsoft’s Cloud App Security.

Azure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Use Azure MFA to increase your account security by introducing multiple forms of verification to prove your identity while signing into applications.

Azure Security Center

A unified infrastructure security management solution that strengthens the security posture of your data center, and provides protection across your hybrid workloads in the cloud, as well as on premises.