Data Security Services

Adopt a strategy to eliminate the risks around the loss of important company data from any internal or external threats. We offer consulting and integration services that help enterprises gain total control over their data compliances & policies such as Cloud Data Security, Data Encryption, Enterprise Data Protection, Data Loss Recovery

We help safeguard and protect enterprise data from cyberattacks by adopting strategies, processes and solutions. We secure data solutions, whether on-premises or stored in the cloud, help businesses in gaining better insights to investigate and protect themselves from threats.

Cyclotron can help your organization define frameworks, information strategy, protection strategy, technology to be adopted, and execution. We believe in handholding partners while enabling enterprises to set up their security centers to effectively identify potential cybersecurity incidents, and take preventive actions at the right time.

With leading data protection technology and data security services provided by Cyclotron, get immediate assistance in implementing a risk-balanced strategy to safeguard your organization’s critical data. With both consulting and integration services, we help you optimize control over data using market-leading loss prevention and encryption technologies.


  • An integrated threat detection & response system
  • Analytics-driven framework to gain insights
  • Integration between data & processes
  • Incident response and compliance

We offer

Cloud Data Security

Automate and accelerate your data privacy with built-in privacy controls, and configuration management tools to facilitate authentication and identity, access control, and encryption.

Data Encryption

Whether storing data on-prem or in the cloud, a proper encryption and key management solution is critical to ensure sensitive data is protected.

Enterprise Data Protection

Protect your organization against data loss and certify security checks on all devices utilizing company data with security practices and standards such as multi-factor authentication, limited access, and encryption procedures.

Data Loss Recovery

Plan and implement a set of policies, tools, and procedures that help the business to recover and resume operations of vital technologies, infrastructure, and systems following a disaster.

Information Rights Management

Apply rights to automate access, control, and usage of enterprise data and implement policies to track and secure information from viewing, printing, editing between internal or external users.

Information Protection

Using the Information Protection solutions, control and help secure email, documents, and sensitive data that is shared with external users by classifying, labeling and permissions, to enhance data protection at all times.