Cloud Security

Cloud security services help in authenticating user access to applications, devices, and networks. With the advancement in technology and increase in threats, having the right security solutions can help businesses mitigate unauthorized access, data breaches, and threat vulnerabilities.

Our services can help you protect your critical cloud assets and offer complete protection to users accessing them. Integrating cloud into your existing enterprise security program goes beyond adding more controls or point solutions. The entire transformation process requires an assessment of the necessary resources and business readiness to adopt a cloud security strategy.

The absence of a proper cloud security strategy in place will lead to cybersecurity gaps that did not exist earlier. Let Cyclotron help you integrate appropriate controls, ensure workload deployment, and establish an effective threat management system to safeguard the interests of your organization.

Secure your cloud or hybrid environment with cloud security solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise. Protect data, apps, and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services in Azure that include unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats early—so you can respond quickly. Implement a layered, defense in-depth strategy across identity, data, hosts, and networks. Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud environments.


Centralized Security

By centralizing data and applications, administrators can easily work and manage from a centralized location.

Reduced Costs

By eliminating the need to invest in dedicated hardware, your overall capital expenditure and administrative overheads also reduce drastically.

Reduced Administration

With minimal human intervention, most of your security administration happens in an central location which is easier to manage and control.


Safely access data and applications within the cloud using any device.

Security Center

Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection for workloads in the cloud and on-premises

Key Vault

Safeguard cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services

DDoS Protection

Protect your resources from denial of service threats

Information Protection

Control and help secure email, documents, and sensitive data that you share outside your company

Application Gateway

Protect your applications from common web vulnerabilities and exploits with a built-in web application firewall


A fully managed and unified remote attestation service to validate multiple Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs)


Put cloud-native SIEM and intelligent security analytics to work to help protect your enterprise

Web Application Firewall

A cloud-native web application firewall (WAF) service that provides powerful protection for web apps