Application Security Services

The increase in the exposure to various networks makes your business more vulnerable to threats and external breaches. Aim to protect your applications from internal as well as external threats throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Secure various elements of your applications portfolio from inadvertent coding threats, unauthorized permissions and access rights. We help provide specialized solutions for mobile apps, for network-based apps, and for firewalls designed especially for web applications.

Cyclotron can help deploy solutions to safeguard your applications including legacy, desktop, web, mobile, and micro-services used by internal and external stakeholders- customers, business partners and employees.

Our offerings include static, dynamic, interactive application security testing, and runtime application self-protection solutions.

Why choose us:

Continuous control and compliance monitoring

Use of behavior analysis for rapid detection of high-risk activities.

Continuous detection and monitoring of critical information for data loss prevention.

Proactive detection and management of fraud, misuse, snooping, and other illicit activity.

Multi-application integration, for both public cloud platforms and SaaS enterprise applications.