Cyclotron Developed Products

The fact is, we get exposed to all kinds of emerging and disruptive solutions every day. But often times we recognize an urgent need that’s not being addressed. Fortunately, we have the passion, drive, and skill to develop and deploy leading-edge solutions to support our customer’s journeys. We’ve provided just a sample of some of the great solutions we’ve developed here at Cyclotron.

MS Teams Governance – Benefit from the full potential of the cloud

Automate your Team Governance Today


Reduce your drug development time by 20% by using Helix collaboration platform built on O365


Cyclotron’s custom tool to help migrate from existing Jive deployment into O365 eco system including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer.

Permission Add-in

SharePoint Online Add-in for Office 365 allows users to find who has access within a site collection and how that access is given. The Permission Add-in get Permission action is a real-time feature.

Jive to Yammer Migration

Port your existing Jive hierarchies into Yammer, plus be able to migrate your users and messages from Jive to Yammer. You can transition only the information required, plus get visual analytics on top of your Yammer feeds.

People Directory

People Directory provides a clean and rich phone book and directory services to an organization’s Intranet portal. With a number of filtering and search options, searching and retrieving user profile information is made so easy and convenient.


Utilize our Office 365 and SharePoint app to track your documents. You can view all document sent for review or the status of individual documents. You can also manage user permissions and activities.

Total Support

SLA based 24/7 support and monitoring.

DLP Engine

The advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) engine and e-discovery helps you manage sensitive content for your organization running on a SharePoint 2013/2010 on-premise platform. This powerful DLP engine is easy to deploy and is also highly scalable.