Productivity Analytics & Well-being

Businesses are increasingly capitalizing on data analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Organizations grow when their employees collaborate and engage on a common platform that meet their evolving needs.

Use a cloud-based service that provides valuable insights to empower business leaders to drive strategies for sales and productivity initiatives. Use data from everyday work in Office 365 to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement across your organization. It helps leaders understand the real value their office contributes to the success of their organization.

The increased popularity and use of cloud-based applications with a rise in a remote work environment has led to a large increase in workplace data to handle and manage. Dive deeper into your company’s behavioral metrics by using custom queries and query templates using Workplace Analytics. It can detect working patterns of each individual and help in determining what can be done to improve their productivity. Make it easier for employees by assisting them to work more creatively and efficiently.

Add Workplace Analytics to your O365 tenancy to get a range of insights, including

Collaboration pattern

Analyse collected data to understand how employees collaborate; and gain insights into the different ways of working together.

Employee engagement

Assist managers in understanding how engaged their employees are, and where the employees are overloaded with tasks.

Productivity level

Understand and check employee productivity levels on useful and redundant tasks.

Our offerings

Cyclotron can help you unlock the potential of your workplace value and bring innovation using the Microsoft platform.


We assist to develop a flexible work environment, understand what impacts productivity and how to deliver a better quality of life and enable employees to succeed at their workplace.


Capitalize on the opportunities offered by Microsoft Viva. We can help you evaluate your current employee experience and help redefine future and long-term goals. Our team can measure workforce productivity using insights and analytics; and keep the management informed about employee well-being.


Gain data-driven insights towards creating a new and improved workplace for employees, understand engagement levels, enable a positive work culture that unlocks the potential of your workforce, and make decisions that benefit the community at large.