Intelligent Dashboards

We help setup intuitive and detailed multi-level dashboards to spread open and transparent information across the organization and empower users to create their own interactive reports which can be shared with both – internal and external stakeholders.

Display data in the form of charts and graphs on a single screen, provide a big picture of the situation which is being assessed and customize interactivity as well as get access to downloadable reports in real-time from multiple sources using

Data visualizations with different performance metrics, statistics and other information.

Data tables  that provide an at-a-glance look at relevant data values.

Drill-down capabilities to get more information or look at and analyze detailed data by clicking on a data visualization.

Data filters to customize date and time ranges, geographic settings and other parameters in data visualizations to get a more focused view of the information being presented.

Text boxes and tooltips that explain the data being visualized or provide additional information and context about the analytics results.

User Engagement

Use modern methods to display data to keep users interested and engaged.

Data Access

Access data from anywhere on any device with the right set of governance and permissions.

High ROI

Get the right data at the right time for planning, analyzing, and reporting.

Deliver real-time insights

Make informed and accurate business-related decisions based on the real time insights by displaying relevant data.