Data Lakes and Data Warehousing

Cyclotron offers on-premises, and on-cloud data solutions to provide organizations with a high performance and flexible analytics that delivers predictive insights for decision-making.

We help setup data warehouses that streamline the reporting and analytics processes for an entity. We also help consolidate data and improve data quality by cleaning up data as it is imported.

Our expertise can help in setting up data mining tools to find hidden patterns in the data using automatic methodologies while making it easier to provide secure access to authorized users. Our vast knowledge and experience in data warehousing and our tailored data warehousing services ensures you stay updated in this fast-changing world of Big Data.

Save time

Allow critical data available to all users, to make informed decisions on key aspects. In addition, executives can query the data themselves with little to no IT support, saving more time and money.

Improve data quality

Convert data from multiple sources into a consistent format to produce results that are consistent leading to more accurate data, which become the basis for solid decisions.

High ROI

Analyze business data to make market forecasts, identify potential KPIs, and gauge predicated results, allowing key personnel to plan accordingly thus increasing efficiency and ROI.

Deliver enhanced insights

Access to information from various sources from a single platform allows decision makers to no longer rely on limited data or their instinct and get a holistic view of current standing and evaluate opportunities and risks.