Data & Analytics Services

Transform data into insights to drive better and faster business decisions.

We help in making informed decisions and develop strategies that play a huge role in supporting analytical choices made at every level in your organization. Leverage the expertise by Cyclotron to integrate data intelligence into your operational processes which delivers the best possible solutions to expand your business.

Empower your organization with advanced end-to-end offerings which includes analytics strategy, a multidisciplinary data insights team, a data platform containing big data technologies and an analytics center of excellence.

Data Governance

Find, analyze, prepare and share important data, while keeping it protected against external threats and misuse with a structured data governance implementation.

Data Lakes and Data Warehousing 

Aggregate data from multiple sources to a central location to support business data analytics and reporting.

Intelligent Dashboards

Analyze and display data in meaningful and actionable ways to help make informed decisions based on data and performance.

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