Modern Intranet

Creating a simple, modern, smart, and connected digital workplace.

A modern intranet solution that helps your employees work together more effectively and encourages collaboration, innovation and increases productivity.

With the evolution in modern workplaces, teams are working remotely and across different time zones. This makes it important to have a collaborative platform where employees can connect with each other and communicate. Being connected to your workforce helps the organization identify the gaps in growth and take corrective measures when required.

Improve the collaborative experiences for your employees by providing them an intranet portal with engaging features such as fast, efficient & smart search, personalization, easy content management, intuitive collaboration tools, responsiveness, and a secure 24×7 platform. Employees can share ideas through blogs, wikis, forums, polls, surveys and engage with their peers anytime and anywhere.

Enable a remote-only or a hybrid workplace in days. Take your business to the next level with a fully customized intranet solution or an off the shelf product from Cyclotron. Our team will understand your needs, determine the framework to be adopted, and build the right solution suitable for you!

Fast, efficient & effective communication

Empower your employees to voice their opinion and be connected to leadership

Allow leaders and management to know the pulse of the organization using social media features

Stay connected from remote locations