Custom Web Apps

Reap the advantages of scalability, increased productivity and lower costs with cloud-based software solutions to streamlines operations and greater flexibility.

With the ever-evolving technology landscape, ageing legacy application architectures and the pressure to replace them, modern cloud-based alternatives  offer indisputable business benefits, the ability to be more agile, more mobile, and to reduce costs.

Moving over to the cloud with strategic thinking and detailed execution by Cyclotron. We help narrow down from a huge amount of offerings on the market; develop a cloud strategy and a model helps business leaders to benchmark their services, analyze their success and achieve consistency in their cloud-based goals.


An improved app performance with ease of development, improved quality, support, automation and reduced dependencies.

Faster development and deployment with increased governance, security and control.

Remote access and data management from anywhere on any device.

Monitor and track services and resources based on pre-decided business rules to increase efficiency and lower cost.

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