Cloud Infrastructure Management

Setup, configure, monitor, and optimize enterprise infrastructure with cloud.

Scale and consolidate IT resources for carrying out business transactions efficiently. Cloud infrastructure management is useful in delivering cloud services to both internal and external users.

A well-managed and optimized infrastructure management solution provides greater flexibility and scalability for applications and infrastructure in the cloud; while keeping your operational and maintenance costs under control. As organizations and end users have now shifted to virtual systems via cloud, and can even pay as per need- basis, the costs incurred to buy and maintain physical infrastructure has been eliminated.

The evolution and advancement in cloud technologies such as multi-cloud and hybrid cloud models has resulted in the adoption of cloud infrastructure management. Enterprises today use different cloud providers, each with their own unique tools for governance, service delivery, and security. Using distributed infrastructure approaches, enterprises can allocate and manage resources across multiple heterogeneous environments.

Cyclotron’s infrastructure management solution helps your organization in maximizing the operational up-time without any compromise on performance and reliability. Cloud infrastructure management allows for maximized operational flexibility and agility while maintaining cost efficiencies, by providing the capabilities needed to securely manage consolidated resources.


Provisioning & Configurations

Set up and configure the hardware and software resources as needed.

Visibility & Monitoring

Check system health, deliver real-time alerts and notifications, and create reporting and analytics

Resource Allocation

Enable granular control over how users consume cloud infrastructure, including self-service provisioning.

Cost control

Monitor costs by implementing processes such as turning off unused or unnecessary resources maximize ROI.


Automate various operational tasks, such as configuration management, auto-provisioning and auto-scaling as and when required.


Configure the cloud provider’s native security controls based on requirements and needs.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Enable a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere.

Accessing your desktop and applications from anywhere is now possible! Organizations can enable a scalable and secure remote working environment using Windows Virtual Desktop. Provide the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 10 with the new scalable multi-session experience for your end users and save costs by using the same Windows licenses.
Cyclotron can help you manage end-to-end Windows Virtual Desktop deployment alongside other Azure services within the Azure portal.


Optimized solutions

Provides virtualised experience that is fully optimized for Windows 10 and Office 365. Run multiple concurrent user interactive sessions easily with Windows 10 multi-session

Seamless experience

Connect with the same experience as a local desktop or laptop – to managee Outlook, share files using OneDrive or collaborate with Microsoft Teams.

Built-in intelligent security

Ensure compliance and security measures for your existing applications and datawith remedial actions taken against any threats.

Deploy and scale in minutes

Based on the organization’s needs, simplify deployment and management of your infrastructure.

Reduce cost using existing licenses

Manage Virtual Desktops Infrastructure as a service in the cloud with no additional license costs and paying for what you use that can be availed with your existing Microsoft 365 or Windows license.

Modernise your Citrix and VMWare virtual desktop infrastructure

Integrate Windows Virtual Desktop into your existing desktop and app virtualisation environments to maximize your investments on Azure and rapidly deploy Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session on Azure VMs

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