Modern Data Platforms

Release the potential hidden in your data – whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud; and gain valuable insights and opportunities to transform your business.

Organizations require a robust and scalable data platform that allows them to adapt to the changing business needs. A flexible and responsive solution will provide accurate data which will support decision-making. With the new practice of working remotely, it is important for organizations to be able to track and collect user data from any location.

Cyclotron can assist you with the deployment of cloud-based data-driven intelligence. Data analytics help organizations to discover insights, make smarter business decisions, and reduce their overall operational costs.

We offer modern data platforms that exhibits the following characteristics


Adapt to changing data processing requirements on demand with a scalable platform to meet the enterprise demands.


Any data architecture must be resilient, must have a strong disaster recovery plan, and offer backup/restore capabilities. We offer built-in controls to cover and protect your company data from such disasters.


Our modern data platform defines access points for each type of user to meet their information requirements.


It provides authorized users access to data while your company’s valuable data safe from cyberthreats. It also complies with multiple compliances and regulations such as HIPPA and GDPR.