DevOps Strategy & Implementation

Facilitate automation by moving your traditional collaboration between development and operations teams to the cloud.

Leverage the benefits of the cloud to ensure your environment runs efficiently and effectively using Cyclotron’s DevOps services.  We help in accelerating the delivery process, minimize costs, increase efficiency and speed up the release management cycle based on the client’s requirements.

Our expertise in cloud and integration technologies can help you with implementing all aspects of DevOps integration and optimization. We ensure that you have a safer and better performing system with less downtime and faster deployment of changes.

Enable DevOps in a cloud or hybrid environment using our services

Assessment for readiness help in determining your company’s existing maturity level and provide guidance on the value this approach can deliver.

Architecture alignment that focuses on legacy incorporation into this new model as well as new development.

Governance that ensures longevity of the approach by providing a coordinated set of processes and tools.

DevOps tool chain selection and implementation of automated build and deployment tools.