Cognitive & AI

Build intelligent apps and implement technologies that perform specific tasks to facilitate human intelligence.

Use smart chatbots for improved customer service, data analytics to making predictive business recommendations.  Artificial intelligence in various forms is adopted by business as an essential tool for better human decisions at your workplace.

We at Cyclotron can help develop smart decision support systems that simply use filtered data, complex algorithms to get a better analysis of a huge amount of information.



Free resources to be used for efficient utilization of manpower, process, product quality, compliances and safety measures.

Smart Decisioning

Make best decisions using  to support efficiency in data delivery, analyzing trends, forecasting , and quantifying uncertainties.

Solving Complexities

With the developments in AI & Machine Learning, identification of issues such as fraud detection, personalized interactions, forecasting, medical diagnosis and much more can now be done with ease.

Managing Repetitive Tasks

Recurring business tasks are time consuming and monotonous; and ultimately hamper and reduce the productivity of the employees. Automation can help in executing any business process quickly without the need of any manual interaction.

Minimizing Errors

Automating tasks using AI minimizes the chances of making manual errors. Digital solutions and programs are more efficient and less likely to make any data processing mistakes.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Respond to customer queries or grievances efficiently and reduce the burden of your customer service team, leading to greater productivity.