Application Modernization

Cyclotron can help enterprises in the entire journey of application transformation— from the modernization of existing infrastructure & apps, to the development and deployment on any cloud platform.

Legacy applications are often monolithic applications which are difficult to update, and they are difficult and expensive to scale. It is difficult and costly to add features given the overhead of complexity and integration challenges.

By modernizing an application to more of a modern cloud architecture such as serverless or microservices driven, components are smaller, loosely coupled, and can be deployed and scaled independently of one another. This approach is where much of the core value in modernization can be found.

Upgrade from your old and the obsolete systems to optimizing expenditure and enhance the efficiency of business operations.

The advantages of modernization are:




Company-wide integration

Improved engagement

Modern Data Platforms

Release the potential hidden in your data – whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud; and gain valuable insights and opportunities to transform your business.

Serverless Applications

Boost developer productivity, optimize resources and accelerate the pace of innovation by building apps without managing any physical infrastructure

DevOps Strategy & Implementation

Facilitate automation by moving your traditional collaboration between development and operations teams to the cloud.

Modernizing Apps

Cyclotron offers a robust application modernization strategy that helps reduce the resources required to run an application, increases the frequency and reliability of deployments, and also brings an overall improvement in uptime and resiliency.

Cognitive & AI

Build intelligent apps and implement technologies that perform specific tasks to facilitate human intelligence.