Cyclotron Group announces the launch of TeamsHUB by Cyclotron Provisioning and Governance Tool to simplify management and governance.

TeamsHUB by Cyclotron is a Microsoft Teams Provisioning and Governance Tool to provide an AI-driven instant site builder to provide swift site provisioning.

Homepage of Cyclotron’s TeamsHUB by Cyclotron Provisioning and Governance Tool

Team activity and usage metrics


Site Provisioning

  • Manage Site Provisioning Requests
  • Communication Site Provisioning Requests
  • Teams Site Provisioning Requests
  • View Site Approval History

Team Management

  • Team Management
  • Control users and access
  • Delete and Bulk Deletion
  • Archive Users
  • Control Settings
  • Manage Channels


  • Archive Teams in Azure
  • Restore Archived Teams

Interactive Reporting

  • Team Activity
  • Team Usage
  • Team Adoption
  • Team Product Usage
  • Team Device Access

Cyclotron Group, a leading technology consultancy, and solution development company, today announced it has launched a new solution platform designed to eliminate time-consuming provisioning and cumbersome governance of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites.

“With the launching of TeamsHUB by Cyclotron, we’ve eliminated the conventional friction in creating and provisioning new Microsoft Teams or SharePoint sites. The result for our client is the ability immediately spin up a Teams site within minutes – with no need to tap their own IT resources,” said Amber Bahl, Cyclotron Group’s CEO. “With Cyclotron, it’s always about providing streamlined solutions to conventional barriers and obstacles. Our tool features intelligent bots that guide users through an easy query process to create organization-specific, best practice Teams or SharePoint sites – in a relative instant.” continued Bahl.

“I’m proud that our engineering team has leveraged the smart use of AI to address this real customer pain-point,” stated Sunil Kumar, Cyclotron’s Head of Engineering. “What used to take weeks with many human variables, now can take a site administrator just a few minutes to create a best practice Teams instance,” continued Kumar. “And It doesn’t stop with the provisioning; our tool also provides advanced features such as team management, archiving or restoring Teams sites, and has robust reporting capabilities” concluded Kumar.

The company stated that TeamsHUB by Cyclotron will support customer organizations at each stage of development and ongoing management of the sites. In the provisioning stage, it will manage the communication provisioning requests as well as track site approval history. Teams HUB management functions include the ability to control user access, delete and bulk deletion, archive users, edit control settings as well as manage channels. Teams can be archived in Azure along with the ability to restore archived teams. The tool’s interactive reporting capabilities include tracking team activity, usage, adoption, product usage as well as devices access.

About Cyclotron Group

Cyclotron Group addresses our clients’ toughest challenges by providing hyper-efficient consultation, strategy, digital transformation, technology implementation, and operational frameworks. We partner with leading technology providers to drive innovation and effectiveness in the workplace. As a Microsoft Strategic Partner, we are one of a handful high-performance extensions of Microsoft in the US. We have developed this momentum by collaborating deeply with Microsoft on the most important programs and initiatives for our mutual customers.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Cyclotron Group currently employs over 70 associates worldwide. For more information about Cyclotron Teams HUB, visit the company’s product website at