Cyclotron establishes a dedicated Workplace Analytics (WpA) Practice due to increasing remote workforce.

Workplace Analytics in Microsoft 365 provides a dynamic view into collaboration patterns, empowering organizations to act with agility, improve employee experiences, and sharpen customer focus. Other customer benefits include discovering opportunities to optimize business processes, identify patterns that lead to success and measure the impact on business outcomes throughout a continuous cycle of discovery and change.

Cyclotron’s decision was based on its experience and expertise to provide data-driven insights and analytics services and then apply its expertise to create differentiated consulting solutions that unlock customer value.
Combined with its Adoption practice, it has set up, implemented, and measured long-term customer adoption, change and transformation initiatives across its customer-base.

Furthermore, with its strong Consulting and Delivery it can provide end-to-end solution or expand the impact of current solutions in the organization using Workplace Analytics insights and data. TeamsHub by Cyclotron the flagship product incorporates a lot of this functionality along with automating governance and administration for Microsoft 365 workloads for SharePoint, Yammer, Teams and OneDrive along with Project Server and Planner.

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