Cyclotron frameworks are a catalyst to innovation

The goal in business is not just to anticipate what’s next, but to arrive well before anyone else. Cyclotron’s Framework Architecture uses a holistic approach to support our clients to accelerate their innovations and to create and scale a performance-based culture. We are a different kind of consultancy; approachable, action-oriented and committed to producing tangible results from day one.

It’s time to embrace a hyper-efficient model of technology consultation.

Cyclotron frameworks are architected to accelerate our clients’ process discovery and standardization efforts. Many organizations are recognizing that a structured approach to process management is the key to operational excellence. Our frameworks are designed to be intuitive and engaging. We believe this discipline is essential to creating actionable value and continuous organizational improvements. Some of the many benefits you’ll experience include:

  • Accelerate projects in benchmarking, content management, and business process definition

  • Create seamless efficiency by implementing a process framework at any level of the organization

  • Ensure “one version of the truth.” by centralizing ownership and protecting the integrity of the adopted process framework

  • Reduce complexity and increases the value of the framework by implementing appropriate process management tools

  • Ensure that efforts are aligned with the strategy and that the process framework delivers increasing value and maturity






Adoption as a

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