Cloud Economics Assessment (CEA)

Digital technology has become an integral part of nearly every organization. With more and more services going to the Cloud, moving your Data Center environment there requires a deep level of expertise and guidance. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cyclotron is uniquely qualified to do this.


Design & Planning:

Application assessment and cloud strategy

  • Application cloud readiness prep
  • Data center shift & lift
  • Azure Data Warehouse/Managed SQL Instance

Azure Application/ IS Configuration:

Cloud-DevOps ready

  • Container/VMs
  • Data Services and Stores
  • App services
  • Value Add services-Analytics, Integration
  • SQL BI/Managed SQL Instance

Azure Application
Transformation and Engineering:

Cloud optimized/ Full Paas

  • Infrastructure Monoliths to Cloud Services architecture
  • Client-Service to Modern Web and Mobile Centric Designs
  • New High Value features such as Analytics, Data Integration, IOT, Workflow
  • From SQL VM to SQL as a service transition
  • Modern Data Warehouse
  • Data center shift & lift

CEA Assessment Overview

Cyclotron will conduct the following

  • Perform Azure Overview and On-Prem workshop sessions
  • On-Premise Workload Assessment
  • Insights for total in-scope server count
  • Account of total in-scope SQL footprint
  • Categorization of all in-scope servers
  • Prioritization of workload and applications as candidates for migration
  • Outline of server decommissioning schedule
  • Outline of servers remaining on-prem Azure consumption estimate
  • High-level Azure services and architecture recommendations
  • Proposal for next steps high-level cost modeling


  • Provide a clear prioritization of what’s ready to migrate today
  • Identify how Cloud-based scalability can increase organizational readiness
  • Improve cost management insight
  • Provide insight on cost and technology benefits of moving to the Cloud