Do I need a functioning Skype Edge to move users to Online? No

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Now that Microsoft Teams is full steam ahead, more and more organizations are moving away from Skype for Business On-Premises at a rapid pace.  With that, however, I’m seeing an abundance of companies that have broken Edge configurations where they are completely non-functional, or simply no Edge footprint at all.  The natural question is then “do I need an Edge to move users to the Skype Online or Teams”?  It really comes down to what your goals are, as an organization.  Let’s explore a few scenarios;


  • Scenario 1 – Is your organization considering different Interop modes?  Perhaps you want to move Skype/Teams Workloads to the cloud, rather than full migration.  Such as “Meetings First” where you keep Voice, essentially, tied to Skype for Business users on-prem.
    • Answer:  Yes, you need working Hybrid/Edge/Federation
  • Scenario 2 – Is your organization looking for a Greenfield Teams Deployment and have no desire to “migrate users”, so Buddy Lists and Meetings are not required to be migrated?
    • Answer:  No, you don’t need working Hybrid/Edge/Federation
    • Caveat:  Mass Migrations or Rapid migrations of users is recommended.  Users in Skype On-Prem will not be able to communicate with Teams Users
  • Scenario 3 – Is your organization looking to slowly migrate users and require back and forth communication between on-premises users and Teams Users?
    • Answer: Yes, you need working Hybrid/Edge/Federation
    • Caveat:  I don’t particularly recommend this approach as the hybrid communication between environments can be “buggy” and frustrating, for lack of better terminology
  • Scenario 4 – Is your organization looking to migrate all users rapidly or in mass but don’t want to fix or setup Hybrid/Edge/Federation?  And still need to migrate scheduled meetings and buddy lists?
    • Answer: No, you don’t need a true Edge, but you DO need to configure Hybrid/Federation.  I know, you are likely thinking… What??
    • Caveat:  You can’t move users back down or communicate with users on-prem from Skype Online or Teams – Plan to migrate everyone as quick as possible

To achieve the 4th Scenario, you still need to go through the Hybrid setup steps located here – Those steps are highlighted below

Configuration Steps

If you have an Edge and it’s broken, it’s likely broken due to firewall/ports or mis-configured certificates.  It can be a pain to get that remediated, both from a time standpoint and investment standpoint.  Simply skip fixing the Edge and walk through the Federation steps:

  • Set-CSAccessEdgeConfiguration -AllowOutsideUsers 1 -AllowFederatedUsers 1 -EnablePartnerDiscovery 1 -UseDnsSrvRouting
  • Get-CsHostingProvider | ?{ $_.ProxyFqdn -eq “” } | Remove-CsHostingProvider
  • New-CsHostingProvider -Identity Office365 -ProxyFqdn “” -Enabled $true -EnabledSharedAddressSpace $true -HostsOCSUsers $true -VerificationLevel UseSourceVerification -IsLocal $false -AutodiscoverUrl
  • Log into Skype Online and configure – Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration -SharedSipAddressSpace $true
  • Once those are complete, move the users using the move-csuser command
    • Move-csuser -id -target -hostedmigrationoverrideurl
    • Just make sure whatever PC/Server you use to migrate users, that it has outbound connection to the hostedmigrationoverrideurl
  • The key here is that your Edge is found in the Topology

If you DO NOT have an Edge, follow the same steps, however, your very first step is to define a fake Edge Server in Topology.  It can have fake names and IPs, it doesn’t matter, just as long as it is defined.  If it is NOT defined, then entering the subsequent steps for setting up Hybrid will fail since the commands check for an Edge.

Once this is complete, you can safely move users, including their Buddy Lists and Skype for Business scheduled meetings.  Once the meetings make it to the cloud, they will be rewritten to a cloud conferencing meeting via Meeting Migration Service, as normal.

*Keep in mind – If you put a bogus Edge server in, make sure you don’t associate the Edge with a Front End pool for Media.

Special thanks to Trevor Miller (@TrevorAMiller) for talking this through with me

Jason Sloan – Senior Cloud Consultant

Senior Cloud Consultant and Teams Voice Lead

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