The positive outcomes of organizational collaboration are obvious; empowered teams, seamless processes, fewer limiting silos and more results stemming from a new level of organizational connectedness. Architecting, implementing and maintaining an effective and safe collaboration infrastructure isn’t so obvious. Not to worry, because that’s where Cyclotron comes in.
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From ideation to celebration, we understand the dynamics of all the collaboration components, technologies and vendors.
The fact is, we can provide the complete spectrum of a solution; including the optimum blend of software, hardware and services. Cyclotron’s designers, software developers, project managers and consultants have the business acumen and technical skills to take and develop an idea, build a custom solution, and meet your specific and demanding business challenges. It’s about leveraging the power of social computing solutions to rapidly evolve how your business engages with your customers, employees and stakeholders – in new and innovative ways.

  • Office 365
  • Skype for Business
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint Online & On-Premises
  • Yammer
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Take a quick look at some of the successful collaboration assignments we’ve completed of late.
    Collaboration and Portals
    This is where we not only build the destination – on brand and engaging, but ensure people can work together effectively when they get there.  

    What we service:
    • Intranet portals
    • Extranet portals
    • Sales portals
    • Document management system
    • Project management system
    • Contract management system
    • Migration services from legacy systems into Office 365
    • Upgrade services and assessments
    • SharePoint branding

    Corporate communications and social media
    You know it, we know it; staying connected is more important than ever. Yammer provides a simple way to collaborate, share knowledge, and engage everyone across your company. And we’re the simple way to make it all happen.

    What we service:
    • Yammer deployments
    • Migration services to Yammer
    • Office 365 videos

    It’s at the center of your universe; email, scheduling, and tools for custom collaboration and messaging service applications. The message we’re trying to deliver here is we know Exchange inside and out.

    What we service:
    • Deployment & migrations
    • Exchange customizations with other Office 365 workloads/Azure

    Custom development
    Delve is the first Office 365 app to receive what Microsoft calls an “authoring canvas,” a Sway-like tool that allows you to embed documents, videos, and images in a section designed to allow you to express yourself. It marks a whole new era of working together, so let’s get to it.

    What we service:
    • Workflow and forms
    • Azure + Office 365 integrated applications
    • Custom LOB (Line of Business) applications
    • Custom SharePoint branding services
    • Business critical applications
    • Web Part/ App development
    • Custom dashboards
    • Form and workflow implementation
    • Administrator & end-user training services for Office 365
    • Integration services with Box
    • Integration services with Slack

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