Brilliantly Local

Yes, we’re highly aware of the general globalization of life as we know it. But there’s something to be said about living where you work and working where you live. Our DNA, both figuratively and literally, calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. We revel in the access and partnership we have to some of the brightest minds and organizations that do, in fact, keep the technology world moving forward. Welcome to the neighborhood.


Proximity isn’t just King, it’s Master of the Universe.

When you have the luxury of aligned time zones, zip and area codes, some amazing things will happen. Stakeholders and teams tend to operate as more of an integrated unit; inefficiencies are diminished, communications improved, timescales reduced, and positive outcomes are achieved more predictably.


Actually, past performance is indeed a clear indicator of future performance.

At Cyclotron, each of our associates is grounded in years of successful business and technology-relevant experience. We’ve all worked on both the consultant and client side, thus have a balanced perspective on how to deliver game-changing processes and solutions on a daily basis. More than a deep bench, we strive to be an integrated strategic asset to your team.


Unfettered access to efficiency.

There’s an inherent value component to every business algorithm created. It’s no news that businesses have always faced challenges. The new news is the velocity, veracity and volume of changed-based challenges that every business faces. And that’s where Cyclotron’s local accessibility pays off. Simply stated, we provide the immediacy to respond quicker and thus resolve issues faster. Our goal with any engagement is to move our clients from reactive to proactive actions, to be ahead of vs. behind the curve. And from our experience, that couldn’t come a moment too soon.

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