Business Intelligence

Not surprisingly, having a strategic and actionable business vision begins with ability to visualize your business – as in data. And while there’s a plethora of vendors and enabling technologies proclaiming similar value propositions, the way forward is often anything but clear. At Cyclotron we have a deep expertise in the world of analytics and data visualizations. In essence, we have the insight to achieve the insight. You’ll see.
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Visualize a world of data you can do something with.
At Cyclotron, we work diligently to understand your business challenges and then propose innovative business intelligence and analytical solutions. We then link this strategic planning with effective actions to creating a new layer of visual intelligence across your enterprise. Our goal is to be a transformative partner; constantly innovating via a set of proven methodologies, frameworks, checklists and IP assets that help us strategize and execute your BI initiatives.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • HDInsight
  • Power BI
  • Cortana Analytics
  • Azure Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Tableau
  • Azure + Apache Cassandra

  • Take a quick look at some of the successful BI assignments we’ve recently.
    Microsoft Azure
    With Azure services and Power BI, you can turn your data processing efforts into analytics and reports that provide real-time insights into your business.

    What we service:
    • SQL Server Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance
      1. ‣   Planning, Installing and Configuring a Database Platform
        ‣   Planning, designing and creating databases
    • SQL Server Migration
    • SQL Server Backup and Replication Strategy
    • Hardware Planning
      1. ‣   Planning, designing and implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery for each database (HADR) based on requirements for its workload
    • Performance & Security
      1. ‣   Maintaining and monitoring the database platform
        ‣   Implementing performance tuning on the databases based on monitoring
        ‣   Re-balancing workloads across database servers based on monitoring
        ‣   Securing databases platforms and individual databases based on requirements and implementation
    • Extend on-premises SQL Server databases to Azure leveraging Data Sync
    • Synchronize data automatically between on-premises SQL server databases and Azure SQL databases in the cloud
    • Utilize the Federation feature within Azure SQL database, allowing your app to dynamically span across additional Azure nodes to handle peak demand scenarios
    • Leverage the High Availability of the Azure SQL Database service
    • Azure Data Lake Setup and implementation
    • Azure Data Factory setup and implementation
    • HDInsight setup and Maintenance
    • Spark deployments in Azure

    Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Redshift is a fast and powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. Amazon Redshift offers you fast query performance when analyzing virtually any size data set using the same SQL-based tools and business intelligence applications you use today.

    What we service:
    • Creation of Redshift data warehouse
    • Creation of EC2 services
    • Hardware Architecture and Planning in AWS
    • Infrastructure Security Architecture in AWS
    • Amazon Redshift setup and maintenance
    • Spark deployments in AWS

    Microsoft SQL Server
    Gain real-time insights across your transactional and analytical data with SQL Server 2016—a secure, scalable database platform that has everything built in, from advanced analytics to unparalleled in-memory performance.

    What we service:
    • Setting up the SQL Server on physical or virtual machines
    • Configuring SQL Server with the required permissions
    • SQL Server Monitoring
    • SQL Server Backup and Replication strategies
    • ETL implementation leveraging SSIS, Informatica or Talend
    • Enable Secure Database Access
    • Creating OLAP solutions using Tabular and multidimensional SSAS cubes
    • Creating operational reports with SQL Server reporting services (SSRS)
    • Creating Self Service BI dashboards using Power BI
    • Data warehousing and Data Marts designing
    • MDM Solutions with Microsoft Excel and Master Data Services
    • Setting up the SQL Server on physical or virtual machines
    • Configuring SQL Server with the required permissions
    • SQL Server Monitoring
    • SQL Server Backup and Replication strategies
    • ETL implementation leveraging SSIS, Informatica or Talend
    • Enable Secure Database Access

    Big Data
    We get it; infrastructure is the cornerstone of Big Data architecture. Possessing the right tools for storing, processing and analysing your data is crucial in any Big Data project.

    What we service:
    • Infrastructure Services for Cassandra and Hadoop On premise/Azure/AWS
      1. ‣   Cluster Setup and Design
        ‣   Hardware Architecture and Planning
        ‣   Infrastructure Security Architecture
        ‣   Storage Architecture
        ‣   Recommended Hardware Setup planning
        ‣   Distributed SAN/NAS Usage
        ‣   Storage Monitoring
        ‣   Network Architecture
        ‣   Data distribution between clusters
        ‣   Data Center network bandwidth and data transfer analysis
    • Data warehousing and Data Marts designing
    • Source Data analysis
    • MDM Solutions
    • Big Data Solutions
      1. ‣   Amazon Redshift, Microsoft HDInsight, Spark, Cassandra & Hadoop

    The fact is, insight into your business can mean the difference between failure and success. Being able to spot new trends and signals in your data – and transforming them into a visual story, is what analytics is all about.

    What we service:
    • Determining the best reporting solution
    • Providing the roadmap for the solution
    • Information Security in the solution
    • Report Integration with SharePoint
    • Business Reports and Dashboards
    • Tableau, Microstrategy, Pentaho, Looker, Mondrian
    • Power BI, Excel Web Services, SSRS, SSAS (Microsoft Stack)

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