Why Cyclotron

OK, you’ll impress people at parties with this factoid; a cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator invented by Ernest O. Lawrence in 1932 in which charged particles accelerate outwards from the centre along a spiral path. We’d be remiss in our brand duties if we didn’t exploit this analogy to the hilt. Cyclotron was proudly founded in San Francisco in 2014 with the sole intent of accelerating the success of our clients by solving mission-critical business and technology challenges. Quick. Controlled. And local. Our own accelerated growth is due, in part, to our unique spectrum of expertise, solutions, services and products. We’re a trusted strategic partner to many innovative organizations in the financial, life sciences, and technology sectors – to boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and propel intelligence across the entire enterprise. Who wouldn’t want to take that value proposition for a spin?

Our Philosophy

Well, our philosophy stems from our passion – almost obsession, to seek out, comprehend, vet, champion and implement the technologies that will truly make a difference. We serve our clients with honest feedback and collaborative guidance. Our work ethic has not only inspired much of our success, it’s also attracted like-minded team members. We get the big picture and sweat the small details, while enjoying each and every step in between.

Serving the community with an excellent blend of brains and heart.

We feel that calling the SF Bay area our home is not only a point of pride, it’s a call to action. We strive to support our local community through numerous programs and community-based initiatives.

Cyclotron Timeline


  • January, Cyclotron becomes a Microsoft Managed Partner
  • February, Cyclotron averaging 2 new customers a month
  • March, Cyclotron's team grown to 17 people in Bay Area


  • February, Cyclotron incorporated with a vision
  • March, Cyclotron's first hire in US
  • April, Cyclotron establishes an off shore office in Bangalore, India
  • June, Cyclotron crosses million in revenue
  • July, Cyclotron's in-house, Bay Area team grown to 5
  • December, Cyclotron ends its first year with $4 million in revenue and 22+ clients
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Our leadership is where you’ll find the heart of our culture. It’s also where you’ll find the guiding brains behind each and every innovation we bring to our valued clients. Not surprisingly, smart solutions come from smart folks.

Amber Bahl
Amber has had deep experience and a long tenure in the Microsoft community at large, and specifically, here in the Bay Area. Amber built a successful Microsoft practice for a local SI (now acquired) and has held mission-critical positions at Microsoft. Specifically, he was part of the Microsoft SharePoint/Office development team. To say that he has street cred is an understatement. Great engineers tend to follow great engineers. Thus Amber is a big reason that Cyclotron has been able to attract that talent that it has. And we’re just getting started.  

Take a look at the history that’s creating our future.
  • At early age of 12, started computer science programming
  • 2001, won all India computer science national award (1st prize)
  • 2003, worked for Universal Studios as a developer for Sifi.com
  • 2005, worked for Bose corporation as a software engineer in their Automotive division
  • 2006, started working for Microsoft as a software engineer in the Office division
  • 2010, joined a local Software company to build their software team (now acquired) across the globe, build the team to around 20+ people
  • 2014/2015, started Cyclotron

Our valued clients


We‘ve had the honor to work with some of the most innovative organizations in the Bay Area and beyond. Each is unique, but have a commonality in their commitment to leverage technology to bring additional value to their customers and constituents. And we’re with them every step of the way.

Every partner is strategic


Our expanding partner list is impressive. That’s because they represent the best of the best; all building blocks on the way to constructing innovative – and often disruptive value propositions. We’re proud to have them by our side.

Good Causes


Cyclotron likes to support good causes all around the world, and to contribute to all the good causes everywhere we want to help out.

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